Inspirator new business- and growth management

Gerrit Spekman

Inspirator new business- and growth management

Gerrit Spekman

Mantinq Consultancy & Business Solutions

When the times are changing, it pays to make sure your company changes in time. And for this to happen efficiently you need to decide whether you have the right tools to change and grow accordingly.
Maybe you have developed an innovative product and would like to market it professionaly? Your success may well depend on benefitting from external expertise on a temporary basis from someone with a helicopter view.

Gerrit Spekman offers you that expertise. Leveraging on a wealth of experience, he provides direction, solutions, vision and inspiration. You will also benefit from Gerrit's advice on how to achieve more success through controlled growth.

About Gerrit Spekman

Gerrit was CEO and owner of Van der Velden Marine Systems for 40 years. His areas of focus were growth and change management, as well as strategic management. Much was achieved under his tenure:

  • The company grew from 7 to 140 employees
  • Evolution from production company to sales & service organisation
  • Numerous innovations designed and implemented
  • Worldwide agent network created
  • Various acquisitions & global sales
  • Strategic  business plans developed and realised
  • Advanced business processes defined and executed



Personal contact and a reliable cooperation are crucial variables. Connecting people is key to success. Over 40 years, Gerrit has built up an extensive network of professional and customer contacts in the maritime business. 

Moreover, he is a member of or associated with:

  • The Nyenrode Business University Corporate Governance Cycle 2015
  • Dutch Association of Board Members and Supervisory Members
  • Rotary International
  • Maritime Network
  • Professional Investor Network


tel: +31 (0)653 983139